Why are Soy candles the way to go?

Soy candles are a sustainable option, so you can enjoy the fresh fragrances whilst doing your bit for the environment. The traditional paraffin candle is manufactured from crude oil a fuel source that we cannot continue to use.


Here at PJ-BEE Soy Candles we are strong supporters of Animal Rights, so all of our products are Animal Cruelty free and Vegan Friendly. Our supply chain has been audited in order to achieve these results. All of our candle containers are fully recyclable and we offer a promotional discount on any order where you return your container.


Please feel free to take a look around our shop and if there are any products you would like but cannot find please feel free to contact us at: patrycjajosh@icloud.com or info@pj-bee-soy-candles.co.uk


Have a wonderful day!


PJ-BEE Soy Candles